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The company is actively carrying out the requirements laid out in the "11th Five Year Plan" to reduce the energy consumed per unit of GDP by approximately 20% and to reduce emissions of major

pollutants by 10% during the period of the "11th Five Year Plan." Furthermore, in order to establish an environmentally friendly enterprise, the company is fully implementing the concept of scientific development, actively implementing a strategy of sustainable development, strictly implementing and complying with environmental protection laws and regulations, strengthening the company's environmental protection management, accelerating the control of pollution, promoting clean production, and strengthening environmental and ecological protection.

The company's instruction to all factory staff to focus on the details, save energy and reduce emissions has achieved excellent results. The resulting company culture is one in which all staff, from top to bottom, participate in furthering the conservation of resources and environmental protection and promote sustainable development.

Since implementing the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system in 2002, the company has improved the planning of all projects, improved the effectiveness of the management of all projects, increased work efficiency, and continually improved its results with regards to protecting the environment. The company is committed to protecting the environment, and the protection of the environment is not only one of the company's policies, but also its contribution and responsibility to society. The company's products are environmentally friendly and both the company and its staff are members of society. As the company develops, it will fully consider the interests of society.

Company Goals:

? To use every type of raw material and energy source efficiently
? To reuse raw materials to the greatest extent possible
? To strive to improve the factory environment by continuously improving factory equipment to be environmentally friendly and by establishing a sound system of energy management
? To take strong measures to eliminate outdated and energy hungry factory equipment
? To improve production techniques
? To ensure all products conform to safety, environmental and quality standards;
? To save energy and reduce emissions by improving technology and to reduce the use of steam and discharge of water.

The company strictly complies with environmental protection laws and regulations and works to strengthen and improve the prevention of pollution with the core goal of using resources more efficiently. Furthermore, the company promotes the conservation of energy and reduction of emissions and strives to create an outstanding production environment. The company works to make new and significant contributions to rapidly establish an eco-friendly city and a resource-conserving, environmentally friendly society.

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