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compnay Policy
● It’s our basic policy that the company should be organized with qualified personals. Excellent staffs and workers and best cooperation are the powerful resources and essential factors that ensures the company to develop steadily forward. We encourage every staff and worker to play an active part in their posts and make progress with the developing of the company.
● Quality products are very important for the company to survive as well as developing. “Quality products” means approval of customers and relevant parties. Only when customers and relevant parties are more and more satisfied with our products can reputation build up and spread widely.
● Sincere service is the bridge to ensure good communication and understanding between customers relevant parties and the company. It’s also a major means to know and strengthen if they are satisfied with us.
● We confirm that we will try every effort to protect and improve the working conditions and environment constantly. Knowing that we are members of the society and our products are for environmental protection, we are responsible and willing to do so.
● We confirm that we will improve our general management system to keep its suitability sufficiency and effectiveness.
● We confirm to obey the laws relevant regulations and other requirements concerning quality and environmental protection.
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